1. Pack Up Now
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Pack Up Now is the closing song for shows, Dixieland, with Danny Martin’s trombone, Mike Cowie’s trumpet, Bob Nicholson’s tuba and the magic ingredient of Ken MacKay’s clarinet pulling it all together. I have another version of it that sounds like an old ’78 recording throughout. Either way, it is serious fun.


Pack Up Now
by Karen Robinson

Pack up now it’s time to go
And we’ve gotta wrap up now and end the show
You know that we’ve been hopin’ that this would never end
This playin’ for you, and havin’ a wonderful time.

We’d like to play for you some more.
But there’s an open horn case on the floor
Who’s noticin’ that tomorrow is with us, my friend?
We’re thinkin’ that you’ll be invitin’ us back again.

The drummers yawning and the taps are all dry
And the flames…all went out an hour ago
We were playin’ fast...but now we’re playin’ slow…
And its late. Take a break. Hit the sack. Have a snack.
We’ll be back and be rarin’ to go!

But, someone’s waitin’ by the door.
It’s clear that we can’t play a minute more
It makes no sense to argue with the clock that’s strikin’ when
We’re thinkin’ that you’ll be invitin’ us back again.

Tag: yes we’re thinkin’ that you’ll…be invitin’ us back again.

© Karen Robinson 2010