1. Old Time Music
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Old Time Music is as classic a country tune as we could make it with Bob MacDonald’s authentic pedal steel guitar. Playing with Bob (He also plays on X&Y Chromosomes) was heartwarming because I’d had the pleasure of singing back-up vocals on ATV’s world-syndicated series, Maritime Country, where his dad, Len, played pedal steel. That show is also where I met Paul Simons who more recently played piano for my jazz trio and for this album’s The Redhead. Old Time Music is about the joy of making music together and was fittingly written together with Ann Fearon.


Old Time Music
by Karen Robinson (music & lyrics) & Ann Fearon (lyrics)

Walking down my village road, I met a childhood friend
She asked me how we all were getting on
She remembered making music with my family all around
She said, “I really miss the old-time songs”

I want to sing that old time music again
I plan to go on singing ‘till my days are at an end
Let’s gather ‘round the wood stove and sing an old-time song
And we’ll all sing along

Grandma played piano and gramps the mandolin
Papa played the guitar on his knee
The kids were dancing round and Uncle Andy wore a grin
And we sang along in four-part harmony.

I’ve always known that making old time music with my friends
Is the closest thing to heaven that I know
When the angels come to get me you will hear me calling out
“Let me sing just one more song before I go!”

© 2010 Karen Robinson and Ann Fearon