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Oh, the smiles when I first played this song story to the band! It really seems to come from an earlier time. Think Celtic lilts and fabric milling socials. We decided to make it sound somewhat like a ’78 RPM record. Larry said it’s a little gem among all the others. It is the punctuation at the end of the album if you listen to the songs in order. My maternal grandfather, Daniel Sweeney, was an Irish fiddler and storyteller who performed up and down the eastern seaboard until he married Lydia Surette of Yarmouth, NS at the start of the 20th century. We grandchildren learned songs and stories at his knee. Each time he finished a song for us he would sit back with his hands on his knees, with a smile and a contented “There”. So I ended the song and album in his memory with, “There”.


Write a New Love Song
by Karen Robinson

One sunny day on the way to my love I wrote my love a song-Oh
I found that fate had taken him away, for my true love had gone-Oh
My true love had gone.
Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh My true love had gone

The longest, the longest day I ever lived
was that day by love I was spurned-Oh
The longest night upon my bed,
I cried, I tossed, I turned-Oh. I cried, I tossed, I turned.
Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh I cried, I tossed, I turned

When I’ve cried, when I’ve cried, ‘til my cryin’s all done.
When all my grieving is gone-Oh
I’ll lift my face and walk in the sun.
I’ll write a new love song-Oh. I’ll write a new love song.
Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh I’ll write a new love song

Write a new song, when I write a new song, the joy of love I’ll recall-Oh
I’ll find my way to another sunny day, and back in love I’ll fall-Oh. Back in love I will fall Oh

Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh Ohoh (X3)
Back in love I will fall. Back in love I will fall

© 2012 Karen Robinson