1. Breath

From the recording When We're Together

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by Karen Robinson (lyrics) and Mike Cowie (music) © 2014

In that moment you were standing there. You’d entered on a rush of air
In the time it took to turn your head, I knew
The pause, the look, the moment shook
Catapulted me to know you

Baptism by a breath of air. Unforeseen completion in
The shimmer, breath met breath, soul met soul
Love steadies us, it carries us
Perfect as the universe knows

I lean into your energy, light and strong. I draw in deep
So life’s miracles are possible to know now
Like the Mobius, continuous, goes on

Breathing, believing
Where breath links soul to soul

Sighing, seeing
Fragments become whole

A lifelong search ended here. Lifelong wounds mended here
My heart released to let your breath slip through
I marvel, touching fingertips
Melding breaths where one was once two

Though our daily paths and purposes separate us physically
Our indivisibility has me with you
We are linked through air’s infinity
Hills and falls seem softer now too

If you’re the earth, then I’m the moon
In unison the sea we’ll move
In our breaths, like heartbeat, time is measured full now
When you draw your last…I will feel the pull

Feel it for all days
Far more than I can say
Now and as always
You take my breath away