1. City Birds

From the recording When We're Together

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by Karen Robinson (lyrics) and Mike Cowie (music) ©2014

A flutter here, a chatter there. Birds dwell in the belly of the town
They eye the street, steady feet perched on walls or wires above the ground
Fly, city bird, city bird
Fill the air. Rising, where underneath your wings the streets alive
Fly, city bird, city bird

Foragers, scavengers. Dusty feathers in a sidewalk scrum
Snap and steal a beggar’s meal. Cagey petty thieves of park bench crumbs
Fly, city bird, city bird
Foe in sight, it’s fight or flight. Living, churning, learning to survive
Fly, city bird, city bird

On a thoroughfare, he’ll show his nerve. Driver’s swerve. Horn’s blare
Heaven claims a songbird’s soul, mid-air
But you’re meant to fly, to satisfy your ancient aviary heart’s desire
I? I yearn to fly, Earth’s pull deny, to soar the sky with you in my mind’s eye
To a home so high. A lullaby. I’m sung to sleep by evening’s feathered choir

And then I fly. Like them, I fly through these shining trees that scrape the sky
Lost in flight ‘til morning light. All my limitations set aside
I’m so alive. I spin and dive
I take the dare without a care. Open up my wings the wind I ride
Fly like a bird, city bird

Slice the air, hover there, in a dream where gravity’s defied
Into the night, above the lights, sighing on a prayer, on-air I glide

You’re meant to fly. It's a bird birthright for flight, to sweep and dive. And I?
With you, I fly as high as high. Soaring with my earthly snare untied
Fly like a bird, city bird……fly