From the recording I Nearly Missed Christmas

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This is a new Christmas song about a transformation of sorts. Life has its phases.


I Nearly Missed Christmas
By Karen Robinson

Verse 1
I nearly missed Christmas this year.
It was my plan, I confess. This much was clear
The preparing, the work, were my job for so long.
My children were grown, my parents were gone.
I needed the Season to …. disappear

Verse 2
Last year I went south, skipped the snow.
The Yuletide I knew had long since lost its glow
Yes I know here’s a sentiment we’ve heard before
But I am tired of Christmas that comes from a store
Those worn-out songs play on each radio

This year, ill-tempered, I sat in my chair. Let them be silly, I’m staying right here
Then a crankier notion sent me up the stair to the attic to find Christmas trinkets stored there
From boxes I thought to dispose of, came trappings that Christmas is made of

Verse 3
From boxes I’d thought to dispose of
Came treasures and memories that Christmas is made of
They were soon all around me, arranged on the floor
Baubles, whatnot, and oh so much more
It came to me Christmas reminds us to love

It’s time out for memories. Love, hope, charity. Choose what I make of it. Now I have clarity.
Oh there’s nothing like Christmas!
I didn’t miss Christmas!
I nearly missed Christmas this year
But I didn’t miss Christmas this year!

© Karen Robinson 2019