1. She's a Keeper

From the recording Karen Robinson With

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She’s a Keeper
by Karen Robinson

She’s a keeper
She’s not a sleeper-around
While she’s a swinger
It’s of the musical sound
She’s on the up-take
Not a hand-me-down
She’ll make his heart break
But leave a smile not a frown
She’s not doin’ it ‘cause everybody’s doin’ it
No, she’s not messin’ around.

She’s a player, not a plaything, or a player-around
A wheeler-dealer
Who calls another round
She’s a spender
Who buys her bangles uptown
And she’s a lender
Who keeps her ear to the ground
She likes the race track, black jack, Dvorak and Armagnac
She’s not messin’ around

And she’s a honey
Soft’n sweet, not too round
Oh and she’s funny
She makes you roll on the ground
She’s not a taker. No
She runs the lost and found
An earth-shaker
Who’ll turn his world upside-down
‘Cause she’s a heart break’n, earth shake’n, breathtake’n, cupcake ‘n
She’s not messin’ around