1. Cats and Crows

From the recording Karen Robinson With

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Cats and Crows

I’ve learned to live with crows and all those black-furred cats that scratch
You fear that a broken mirror is more than glass
Causes misery to last seven years

You found a lucky penny isn’t any more than money
And you fear that to rub a rabbit’s paw is all there is to keep the wicked far from here

But seeing is not believing. Taming, feeding, stop the bleeding
And I know that you’ve been broken too
That claws have scratched and scratched again
So I’ll put my arms around you, and I’ll feed you in the evening
You will know by morning that things are not so bad
And so…you’ll know how to live with cats and crows

It’s one crow sorrow, the saying goes. With me you’ll live with cats and crows
No fear I’m near No fear No fear No fear