"The End of Time" from Karen's recent album has won Best Jazz Song in the World Songwriting Awards, spring 2022!  Three of her songs from this album were top-ten contenders in their awards in 2021, (A Song for Mississippi John Hurt for best Blues, Gamecock& His Hen and Feather & Bone for Best Jazz) October 31st is not on this album, but it was in the finals for best children's song in the International Songwriting Competition, 2021.   They are all available from this website.

"What a great time we had playing the TD Halifax Jazz Festival!  And the same day, my award arrived in the mail for Best Jazz Song in the spring 2022 World Songwriting Awards!  What a day! "   - Karen


“When We’re Together”videos are being released one by one

Over the next months, one video every week or two will be released until all the songs from Karen's “When We’re Together” album release show are available to you on Youtube.  

To help you keep track, here is the release schedule:

                                                                                        Feather and Bone - November 2021

I’m Hoping You Do – May 21

A Song for Mississippi John Hurt - June 1

Breath – June 8  

The End of Time - June 15

Sings Her Heart Out - June 22

City Birds - July 6

The Night the Lights Went Out - July 20

Nothing To It - Aug 3

Autumn Wind - Aug 10 

Stories and Wine – Aug 17  

Gamecock and His Hen - Aug 31 

A note from Karen: “I hope you can tell how much fun it was to make music with Larry Bjornson, Dave Staples, David Burton and Chris Mitchell!  Scott Ferguson and Mark Sawatzki filmed the show videos. Scott made the "special" videos with me and Scott & I edited.  Tune in as each one is released!”

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Eastlink TV is now broadcasting Karen’s online show "When We're Together", on

Eastlink On Demand across Canada. 

Here is Eastlink’s trailer for the show: https://youtu.be/zU6Ddr5xS10


Audience comments from the first video showing in November:
"WOW! YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!" ~ audience member 

Atlantic Seabreeze "gives this album a full 5-star rating out of 5 stars."

Read the review at: http://www.atlanticseabreeze.com/ItemOne.asp?ID=8248

"The show was well-produced, Sound was well mixed and camera angles and fading were well done too. Accessing the show was easy and seamless."  - M C 

"Very, well done, the overall production was perfect. There was strong chemistry between Karen and the band and it was obvious they loved playing together. Karen’s intro to each song was one of my favourite parts. I really appreciated the insight Karen gave regarding her inspiration and the subtleties in the songs’ arrangements."  - S W 

"Karen and the band were amazing! What a great group of musicians. I loved the variety in the numbers. I think my favourite was "Breath", very touching."  - E S 

"Masterfully done. I was drawn in more than I expected for watching the show in a brightly-lit kitchen on an iPad."  - A M 

A message from Karen

"The End of Time" from my recent album has won Best Jazz Song in the World Songwriting Awards, spring 2022!

An added bonus! Three other songs from that same album, "When We're Together" were Top-10  finalists for the World Songwriting Awards! "Feather and Bone" for best jazz song, spring 2021, "A Song for Mississippi John Hurt" for best blues song, summer 2021, and "Gamecock and His Hen" for best jazz song Fall 2021! 

One of my children's songs, "October 31st", was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting  Contest, ISC!   Find it on my Music page for download.

What a thrill all that is for a songwriter!  

Another new album will be released n the fall of 2022 if all goes well. 

I am grateful to be working with such wonderful musicians and friends, I think we laugh as much as we work. (Teaser: look for the pig duet in the second album.)   I hope you enjoy this original music.

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All the best to you, 

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